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not interested in sending empty emails to their employees. Reviewed By Anti-Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 19, 2007 permalink Visit is a self deprecating waste. People such as myself reluctantly use it because either A.) their routine interactions don’t provide the social networking favorable for meeting like-minded people or B.) their choices Adu t Friend Finder They are the stupidest things to put in profiles and they mean nothing, the turn-ons/offs (fleas? power? wtf?), appearance (fanged? wtf?), pets? When was the last time you were at a bar and you approached a woman and she said, “what type of pets do you have, like, and can’t stand?” then bolts when you say goldfish? Join Match or don’t, but don’t expect it to revolutionalize your personal Adu t Friend Finder But deep down all of these people are nothing but paid thieves. Do not even think about going to a Great Expectation interview! This company needs to be closed down. Reviewed By Lisa Forero Colonia, NJ Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 06, 2008 permalink Visit Great Expectations MY REAL NAME IS NOT LISA MONROY AS I PUT IN THIS REVIEW OF GREAT EXPECTATIONS BUT IS REALLY LISA LIZA FORERO. Adu t Friend Finder can’t spring for the membership cost, and commit to less than the cost of a dinner ($35/mo.) what does that say about your ability to commit to a human? I will never contact someone via IM who is not a paying member. I found on jdate a few decent people …dated a Lawyer for over a year…then after the breakup went back online and after a quick succession of first date/last date scenarios, Adu t Friend Finder