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of places to go to meet people are either smoke-filled grubby dive bars or overly loud clubs filled with stereotypical know-nothings trying to look either “loaded”, “too hot for everyone” or just outrageously popular and “in demand”. (The flock of empties) Anyway as far as Match is concerned, they still post goofy fake profiles, which not surprisingly, are easily detected because they’re Adu tFriendFinder life (unless you are a moderately attractive woman I guess). I can tell you from experience that chasing someone who isn’t local has a high probability of not going anywhere. It is still a meat market and just as shallow as the club scene but with less booze, sweat, and vomit. Reviewed By KT US Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 29, 2005 permalink Visit Okay, I think I have figured Adu tFriendFinder I HAVE LIED ON THIS REVIEW SITE AND WASTED ALL OF THE READER’S TIME BECAUSE I WAS MED AND UPSET TO LOSE MY JOB AT GREAT EXPECATIONS. AFTER ALL THE BAD THINGS I SAID ABOUT SALLY ARMENDINGER, MY OFFICE MANAGER, I FELT BAD AND SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID ALL THOSE RANTING AND RAVING LIES. I HOPE EVERYONE WILL FORGIVE ME AS I DO HAVE A BAD PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM AND HAVE BEEN GOING TO THERAPY AND ALSO Adu tFriendFinder met a wonderful Doctor who is at the same place in life as I am, and I doubt I ever would have found him any other way. So I encourage everyone to keep an open mind, but be careful as well…use your head, as well as your heart. Good luck to you!! Reviewed By Jake Boston Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 22, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Jdate has to be the biggest waste of time and money I have Adu tFriendFinder