They actually expect you to PAY to meet those oddballs? No way…CL is free man, if you really want to meet desperate people. If you want NSA (that does mean No Strings Attached) your better off with Yahoo or even CraigsList. Think about it…I glanced over that site and it was like a teen version of eHarmony (don’t get me started on them) Please save your money for something else… D Reviewed a few of my personal experience. Hope it will be helpful to someone. Eventhough I share same disgust to match’s shaddy practice to swindle lonely hearts online, I have to objective admit that I’ve had more real dates than fake ones on match. I wasn’t really an active member by any means, but through my on and off match adventure, I’ve gone out and formed some serious relationship with quite it has really gotten bad with the “plants” to “real women” ratio. I joined back in ’08, when I could no longer tolerate being lonely and despondent over my wife’s lack of interest in intimacy. It seemed like back then there were a lot more legitimate, real women profiles on the AM site, and I met several women thru the site. Some of the relationships never went any further than yahoo IM because I found I was contacted often. I have friends who are great guys but have had minimal luck because they are less attractive. Obviously I would never tell a friend this to his face!! Anyway, I finally met my future wife last year and she had initiated the contact. JDATE is a beautiful thing because not only did I find a beautiful Jewish woman, but I also found one that was not from