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Never married no kids. In the first month I went out on about 10 different dates. So it did work for me as far as getting to meet women. However, I had chemistry with only one of them. We still talk and e-mail, but have not seen each other again. Most of them that I went on a first date with, I would not even give a second look at if I crossed paths with them in the real world (or a first Adult.Friend Finder E-mails were longer, they volunteered more information and they were nicer…I e-mailed above average looking ones as well as hot ones…The response rate was basically 50% and I could pick and choose…and could not keep up.. Experiment B…Again attractive girls would send many e-mails and the profile had a high response rate…Now here my friend was super articulate and witty in his E-mails when Adult.Friend Finder for your reviews of Great Expectations. I received a call from Great Expectations Sunday night and arranged for a consultation meeting on Tuesday. I spoke to a lady by the name of Patra and she definitely rehearsed her speech to me over the telephone. I asked a lot of questions and her responses were vague, often telling me that my consultation meeting will address all my questions. On Monday Adult.Friend Finder and losers. I will trust my luck to those I meet in the normal way. I am a very attractive lady who can afford to pay my way…in life and on a web site IF it is worth it! Reviewed By jackie toronto Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 17, 2003 permalink Visit JDate I agree with Peter from NYC. I have contemplated buying a membership for one month, just to check it out. Until I realized Adult.Friend Finder