Adult FrienFinder

2008 permalink Visit Stay Away From!!! The service could do so much more to make the dating experience more conducive to user success, but they make more money the more you fail. They have no incentive to make it work. Most people get stuck in the loop of just meeting more people… and meeting more people. The site could be much more successful if they added thing like Adult FrienFinder women say they reply to+the number of replies guys get, does not seem to add up. The women I know who are on match don’t report getting a lot of e-mails, but yet the guys I know who use it all send out messages by the hundreds, but rarely get replies to the messages they send. But the women I know who use it say that they send some reply to most of the messages they get. So where are all Adult FrienFinder business skills, huh? Reviewed By Lucid Life Austin Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 10, 2008 permalink Visit Great Expectations Oh, how I wished I had found this site before plunking down all that money. This dating service is a joke. They do not deliver the goods. I joined mostly to “socially network”, but the events are so lame. No one shows up, and why should they…you can go to a Adult FrienFinder ***** Date February 23, 2004 permalink Visit JDate I’ve found the women on Jdate to be consistently rude. they tend to lie about their age, the photos are 10 years old and their descriptions just do not fit who they really are. The fact is that there is a lack of honesty! I’m a pretty decent looking guy who has his life very together, a good profession..a full life. I’ve been amazed at the Adult FrienFinder