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Video Snippets like You Tube. Not just arbitrary videos, force them to tell a joke, any joke they choose. Let them talk about their job. Have a topic of the month… “Wal-Mart vs. Target”, let’s get your take. Also adding personal music play lists like iTunes. Ask them to name a movie that made them cry or almost cry. Then name a movie where they REALLY wanted to see the bad guy killed in Adult Friens Finder the messages going? Let’s realize something here: it is not in’s best interest for people to hook up. That means they lose paying members. I suspect that might be delivering initial contact e-mails selectively. I suspect that there are a lot of fake profiles created by Either way, I thought it made mroe sense when non-paying member could respond to a paying Adult Friens Finder bar on your own. I’m an older woman. My counselor promised me lots of guys my age just looking for a woman like me. Yeah right! I know I can be criticized for falling for a sales pitch, but excuse me, I think peole should tell the truth. I’m telling you the truth. Stay away. Reviewed By Newton Raphson California Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 18, 2008 permalink Visit Great Expectations Adult Friens Finder amount of severe issues the women have. Now I realize that these are generalizations, but suffice it to say, this has been my experience. What happened to honesty and integrity?? Reviewed By Susie Canada Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 11, 2004 permalink Visit JDate I left JDATE to join JCUPID and then they took over that site! How disappointing. JDATE is the worst dating site I have Adult Friens Finder