were those few guys that once I sent them a light email, they came back with all kinds of platitudes about love and the meaning of it and how this and that. A little strong for the first email. Warning to those considering – STAY AWAY! Reviewed By toniinScottsdale Scottsdale, AZ Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 30, 2008 permalink Visit **** Stars? It’s crazy I know. AdultFindler a date with someone who’s goal on and life is similar to yours. and Internet Dating in General is like everything else in life, it takes smart work to make it successful. The problem for many people is they expect nothing but good times from internet dating. They don’t understand that dating in General takes skill and they will need to develop this skill with internet AdultFindler Expectations Oh man…. I’m so glad I have a strong will and that things in my romantic life are so “uncertain”. I’m also glad that I have a strong background in Psychology and was able to see the warning signs during my initial interview with these people. Somehow, GE managed to get my cell phone number. The sales gal on the phone seemed very nice and, due to my playful nature, her and AdultFindler even see who has sent it. Worse for paying members is that you can’t tell who is paying and who is not. You therefore have no way of knowing whether someone you emailed even got your message or saw your profile, since if you contact a non-paying member, they won’t get your email. If someone doesn’t answer, it could well be that they just never saw your email. They should at least let non-paying AdultFindler