Off and on for a few months. Many of what I have read made me sad. It’s highly discomforting that so many people are alone, lonely, single, divorced; b they put such a restriction on their dating. I mean, when you meet someone in real life you do not automatically ask if they have kids or if they have been divorced. You go from the imediate attraction then you negotiate with yourself if AdultFinfer dating. With skill you’ll be given direction to find what you’re looking for. Like I said in my conclusion of paragraph 4, you’ll find success if you can find someone who’s like minded to yourself. Which is like finding a needle in the haystack but you probably won’t find the needle if you’re blind. I’m giving 2 stars because I don’t like the way it treats it members. I think that AdultFinfer I immediately started a flirtatious conversation with one another. Her 10 minute presentation turned into actually a very nice 1 hour conversation. I reluctantly agreed to come in for an appointment to check things out. Upon my arrival I was introduced to a very, VERY attractive, “strong willed” sale rep to walk me through the interview process, etc. After discussing alot of details I began AdultFinfer members see who wrote them, since we, the paying membership, are paying to be able to contact the people that come up in the search results. I quit because I’m not going to pay money to ‘hope’ I can contact the people in my search results. I’m not wasting my time when there are plenty of other services out there. JDate is the only one with this policy, and it stinks. Goodbye Jdate! Reviewed AdultFinfer