don’t have Brad Pitt’s looks, and make over $100K, you’re SOL. The women’s profiles are outrageous. How the hell do they afford all this snow skiing, scuba diving, and hang gliding? I went on one date with a woman who staed she had “average” body type on her profile. God only knows how old that picture on her profile was, because I didn’t recognize her when she walked up. “A few extra pounds” AdultFri account was active again and that my bank account had been charged for another 3 month subscription. After several emails back and forth with customer service (and I use the term customer service loosely), I was basically told they could not (would not) refund my money, but I could cancel my subscription at that moment and just use the site until it ran out. Well, I did just that and haven’t AdultFri on western websites, so if you are complaining, you are some kind of delusional nutcase. Reviewed By David Birmingham, AL Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 04, 2006 permalink Visit Great Expectations A few years ago my girlfriend at the time worked for Great Expectations as a photographer. She quit working there because it was a huge scam. Well, she really probably got fired, but it was AdultFri disappointed that my late husband evidently truly was one of a kind. I do have a question that maybe one of you could answer: when Match notifies me that a Favorite is no longer available, does that mean that the person has blocked me? I know that a hidden profile, even when the owner’s subscription has expired, still remains in my Favorites although obviously I can’t contact them any longer AdultFri