don’t match theirs? Something is wrong with this equation. Those weekly emails with my latest matches never amounted to anything. 5) I also despise the “It’s Okay to Look” marketing campaign. This is where select members are professionally photographed and their profiles really stand out. The reason? It’s the old proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. All of the profiles I looked there are AdultFrien have. I have seen a lot of profiles in which the women stated that they want a man who’s 6′ tall or taller. It would be one thing if the woman who wants a tall man is tall but more than half of these women are 5′-4″ and shorter. It’s become bad to the point that men complain about these womens’ demands on craigslist. I’d like to know… What the Fuck are these women thinking? Maybe this AdultFrien I should of bought three escort with that amount I spend. LOL For those of you that are willing to try great expections, my advice tell them TO BLOW AWAY and GO PUT A FORCLOSURE ON THE COMPANY. They are actors and treat you like they are your best buddies, it all what they want is your money. A great place to meet singles are supermarket, any non-profit organizations, churches, temple. You AdultFrien Or if I say I am looking for $50k income in a date and they make $75K, says that is not a match. That seems disingenuous. Who rejects more income? Because of these bogus comparisons, their Searching and Mutual Matching results at times seem ridiculous. The matching percentage in Mutual Matches is a good case in point. I have matched up well with people seeking “any” in almost all AdultFrien