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note that I write to guys and sometimes they don’t respond….and it is likely because they do not see me as a fit (even though I am atractive, successful, nice, fun and in shape) ! I don’t take the lack of response personally. Instead I realize that it is better to move on and find someone that adores me. And, I have to add that I have run across more than one man on Match that pretended AdultFriend Finder login all women meter a man on the way he makes her feel, not what he looks like. Reviewed By Ron Paul will screw McCain in Nov Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 06, 2008 permalink Visit American Singles Oh No I believe you…. I guess the odds even out in the 35 age range because the men over 35 are more interested in the 20’s something y.o. women. Look, most of the men who use these sites AdultFriend Finder login to be said about a company, based on their sales tactics, to lure people by having them pay a lot of $$$$ by playing on the biggest, strongest human emotion – Love and Relationships. Reviewed By stk ok Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 23, 2006 permalink Visit Great Expectations Bad dating site in my opinion. Not able to get the value for the cost. There isn’t much to tell otherwise other AdultFriend Finder login 3rd day. Given the deletions from emails and such that I’ve read about, it would seem par for the course. Reviewed By Yet another guy Chicago, IL Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 16, 2005 permalink Visit My God, what’s the deal with all the foreign brides? This past week, my profile is getting hit hard with them! Some examples: From Uganda: helloo sweety how arre AdultFriend Finder login