offered me no incentives to want to continue to be a part of their community. At least I wasn’t inundated with fresh (and fake) responses and winks when I quit. This was something most people complain about. I have many additional complaints about, most which were covered in great detail by others. Reviewed By Noname california Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 06, 2008 permalink AdultFriend and somewhere in the profile they would say: “He must be tall”. I’d have to break your bubble but most of the men on who are on these dating sites and online are 5′-9″ and shorter. As for the “Tall Guys”, many of those taller guys are the submissive, nice-guys that these women eventually reject. If you’re one of those chicks who just has to have a tall guy, then I hope you can make sense AdultFriend I got suckered by one of their sales people a long time ago and I have to admit that I he got me – I was extremely embarrassed, disappointed and humiliated that I fell for the hard sales tactics. I shelled out about $1600 and had zero dates to show for it. The only difference between then (about 5 or 6 years ago) and now is that they lure people into their offices via a questionaire website. AdultFriend they seem to be equal. “Any” responses should carry less weight, than a specific match. I know that I have accidentally found interesting people, just by scrolling through all entries. When I see what they have entered, I wonder why they did not turn up on searches or mutual matching. I just think that they should do a much better job of matching and permit better and more useful user input. AdultFriend