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refused but for the next hour he text me..YOUR HOUSE and/or GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS. So I simply blocked him and started ignoring his cell calls. In between these dates the guys who contacted me were all about sex, a recently released felon, and a guy I think who had…2 kids in Idaho, 1 in Montana and 2 in Oregon…in short a bunch of kids,k? He also bragged that every woman he sexed fell AdultFriendField net the deal for the guys with the money and the know how. Most guys don’t have the money and the know how. Those who did, got what they went after. I’m saving my money, and staying away from the online cesspool. But websites like American Singles have done the world a favor if they took some of their members off the street so I don’t meet them in real life. So they do get one star, for accidently AdultFriendField net really smacks of an ILLEGAL scam! (I imagine that one positive review above is planted by an employee/scammer set to make thousands). Reviewed By Scott Orange County, CA Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 22, 2006 permalink Visit Great Expectations Tried this about six years ago… they managed to catch me in a depressed state and I sold myself into the deal- it sounded so good it had to AdultFriendField net of petite women on Match. Maybe one of them is interested in meeting a guy who reminds her of her father, who also happens to be short and slender. You get the point… While others have commented that the competition resulting from the large number of men on internet dating sites makes these sites inappropriate for average looking people, let me offer a different point of view. Competition AdultFriendField net