in love with him. *sigh* So I changed my profile and specifically stated in words…”If you’re looking for quick sex, I’m not the girl for you, men with several children by different women, and felons need not apply” That leads to guy #4…He was convicted of a felony as a teenager and had one child. Get comfy for this story. He was great online and on the phone. I looked forward to meeting AdultFriendFiender doing one thing right. Reviewed By anonymous US Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 24, 2007 permalink Visit American Singles I think it is fake because I recently decided to try it out and I was surprised at the search results. I did a search result based on “most active” and there were only 21 guyz in my area that were active and the 21st guy logged in 22 days ago. Everywhere beyond that AdultFriendFiender be true. Like everyone else said, rediculously expensive, older women (which I happened to like), and an antiquated system. They encourage you so send hand-written cards (which cost more) which will get more attention/response, would charge to use the copy machine, revise your profile in the book (laminated), etc. At the time the “web interface” cost more so you would have to call in or AdultFriendFiender is your friend. It forces you to be more creative, and a more creative you is going to be more attractive to a female. The people who always get what they want in life are often dull just for that reason. In addition, it feels good to get positive email responses knowing full well that the odds are not on my side. And after one positive response, I easily forget the 50 rejections that preceded AdultFriendFiender