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have really bad scam/fraud identifiers, or worse, they are creating some of these appealing profiles themselves in order to spur interest in becoming paid members. Either way, there customer service has been far from helpful. I just sent my 4th e-mail specifically asking what is going on with these disappeared profiles. I’m not holding my breath for an honest answer. Reviewed By Kallie Philadelphia, AdultFriendFinder english here. From the girls’ POV, this site isn’t too horrid. It’s better than or lavalight or any of the scummier sites. I have never received any kind of contact from a scamming male profile on it. I’ve met plenty of people in my area on it as well. It may be because I am one of the real female profiles out there and I have moderate grammar skills. The site needs more “real” girls. The AdultFriendFinder english we had to pay in cash for him to attend that night. Then I found out my credit card had been charged six times, for four registrations. Combined with the cash payment we made at the event, I was charged a total of three extra registrations, over $100! I started contacting the company to inquire about refunds. The event hostess had given me an email address to contact. I got no response. AdultFriendFinder english from them, too. Reviewed By Odonatas Wisconsin Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 02, 2005 permalink Visit This whole thing sure has been a lesson to me. Like lots of us, while screwing around on the web I took a vicarious look at Match. At that time, around May 05 if you wanted to read someone’s profile you had to fill one out yourself, so I whipped through it, clicking mostly AdultFriendFinder english