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PA Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 11, 2008 permalink Visit I joined Match several months ago, and I have lots of opinions about it. I also took the time to read through some of these reviews on here which triggered many thoughts. Just a little background so you know who is writing here: I am young-25, no marriages, kids, and minimal baggage. Independent, sweet, caring.. etc. AdultFriendFinder member login mail order bride numbers and even transexuals on the site turn men off to it. Plenty (and I mean PLENTY) or older men are on the site as well. I have an account and so does my male friend. Our experiences are day and night with it and it’s mainly because of the lack of quality female profiles and th eabundance of fake profiles. I am guessing these sites are overrun with male profiles. AdultFriendFinder member login So I went to their Web site, and couldn’t find a phone number. But they put one down for media contacts … I thought okay they are willing to talk to people they think will give them press coverage. So I called that number, left messages, never got a call back. I shelved it for a while, and periodically sent emails following up over the next two years. In late 2009 I sent another email AdultFriendFinder member login Any to questions about My Date and No Answer to Background questions, write a quick review of a couple books and a vapid comment about looking for an occasional kayaking, hiking, and movie partner and promptly forgot about the whole thing. A couple weeks later I get a Wink. Didn’t know what a Wink was but I followed the link to a woman’s profile and after reading it wondered why she was AdultFriendFinder member login