site for about 4 months and received a few winks, which I returned. Unfortunately, soon after my reply these women’s profiles disappeared from the site. And, that leads me to my biggest issue with Match… removed profiles! It seems like the most appealing women appearing in my match-by-mails almost always have their profiles removed by the time I click on them. A couple of times, I’ve been AdultFriendFinder stable women are hit on by men all the time, so you know what ends up in the online dating world. Those who ARE attractive and emotionally stable in online dating are cherry pickers who what somebody above their league. If you were in their shoes, you might be doing it yourself. You already have access to men who are in your league offline, so you take absolutely ZERO RISK and have to commit AdultFriendFinder services that let women join free of charge if they are pretty enough. That’s a whole other story though. So, perhaps they should rename their service to horrible expectations because that is what you better have before going into this. I would just stick with online dating if you must, at least it’s not a huge waste of money just time. By the way, the only online dating I have had any sort AdultFriendFinder as you use common sense and caution. Here is some advice I have learned the hard way: — A LOT of men lie about being single. The dating service can’t check this out, but you should. — An amazing number of men lie about their height. Almost all claim to be 5’10” or 5’11” when they are not even close. This may not matter, but it is not a good indicator of honesty. — I disagree that women AdultFriendFinder