populate it and spread the word out as much as possible. It will give us a database were we can search by name, state, dating service. Before you meet a stranger for a date………….why not see what others have to say about thier experience with this person. It is broken down into four levels of offense. From something foolish to real life convicted predators. Lets flip the switch on AdultFriendFindwr was in chat. They claim they have hundreds of thousands of members online at once – however, if you log into their stone age java chat system – at best you’ll find 5 rooms with a combined total of maybe 10 people. There is tons of abuse – one of the mods or users decided he had it in for me and made it his mission to kick me out of the room, without provocation everytime I’d log in. This AdultFriendFindwr my money back they have said no. This company is taking money from people everyday without their permission, if a person did that they would be in jail. I am working to create a way to get my money and several other peoples money back from this company who is not abiding by the laws of our great nation. I will continue to update on the action I am taking.. Thank you… A very unhappy victim AdultFriendFindwr email with little ## sprinkled throughout if I wanted line breaks, and that the support staff would enter line breaks on their end. I did so — and of course my essay got posted as one big paragraph again. This went back and forth for about 6 emails, with different techs telling me to do different things — one suggested using html AdultFriendFindwr