I’ve read many of the reviews from guys and I have one piece of advice–Get off your rears and go out into the REAL world to meet women. If you’re as fantastic as you claim, you’ll meet tons of women. In almost every age category, (but especially in the 50+ group) there are far more single women than men. And, yes, stinks, like most other internet dating sites. Reviewed By bwade61 AdultFriendFrinder A few weeks later, she did an email to about 12 guys not realizing that all of us would see each other on the recipient lists. I saw that she logged in every single day that I have, meaning she probably did it every day. On many sites, I see the same profiles popping up every time when I do a sort according to last login dates and I think that there might be people out there with too much AdultFriendFrinder you join . Browse the site before you join. Reviewed By N New York Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 06, 2005 permalink Visit HurryDate Online Extremely slow site. Useless matching system. Weak search capabilities. Does not add any value to real-world speed-dating. Basically they take your money and invite you to a sausage-fest party. The quality of girls that you will meet is pretty low. AdultFriendFrinder skips a beat everytime I see her. There are a lot of lonely people out there. Who just like myself need someone to talk to, hold hands with, go for a walk in the park or catch a movie with. If this grows into something very serious and lasts………….I think it’s awesome. I don’t think Match should be a field for people to play games. Unfortunatly I believe it happens a lot. Show the AdultFriendFrinder