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honest – you won’t be able to hide any deceptions after a date or two. Like the other sites, match has more people than real paying members, so don’t expect a reply from everyone. Good luck! Reviewed By Rick Williamson fairfield, ca Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 16, 2008 permalink Visit It is very obvious after submitting my profile that the contacts that have been generated AdultFriendrFinder espanol from Carmichael , California and the profile was removed. Another gal was supposed to be 36 , but looked like 15. Or another one was 24 , 6’2 and 88Lbs! Many prostitutes on this site as well as babes who last logged on in December 2003! Another thing that was questionable was the people who claim to have a master’s degree and can’t even write a legible paragraph. Well , surely AmericanSingles AdultFriendrFinder espanol has been on these websites! Reviewed By AH London Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 10, 2010 permalink Visit JDate I get a lot of emails from Jdate and I am no Brad Pitt. Cost wise I feel it is good value relative to bar dating – if you consider that it is easy to spend £20 ($30) in a bar standing there being ignored whereas on Jdate you spend £20 AdultFriendrFinder espanol his age….and he’s generally 2-3 inches shorter than advertised(which is no huge deal breaker but indicates that he was too insecure to tell the truth). What is it with people who feel compelled to tell me that they “usually don’t ever have a second follow-up date”…Is this their way of telling me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up (this declaration was made by him within 10 minutes of meeting) AdultFriendrFinder espanol