Rating ***** Date December 09, 2008 permalink Visit Well I joined match for the first time 3 months ago and my subscription recently ended. I think I’m going to take a break from match at this time, so I didn’t resubscribe, but here’s my experience. When I joined I was “separated” and waiting for a pending divorce. I think this turned a number of women off. Well I guess I can at cut back until there were no more, the website mostly died. However, enough loser males will pay for a memebrship to molest women that don’t want their sorry ass that maybe the website makes even more money. IT’S ABOUT MAKING MONEY, NOT FINDING LOVE, from the viewpoint of the website owners. They learned from Friend Finder how to tie things into porn sites and whatever. Adult Friend Finder Visit JDate JDate doesn’t deserve even one star. I signed up on 2/2/2010 and tried to cancel on 2/5/2010. Jdate keeps people’s profiles up even after the person has stopped paying for the service. It wasn’t until I started searching the site that I noticed that many of the profiles were several years old and the person had not been on the sight for over 60 days. By saying the person has on is 2.3 men to 1 woman. I’ve seen many of the ladies profiles on stating something about not wanting a “player”. My quess is they’ve been heartbroken at one time by one of these majestic players. The thing I don’t like about these ladies profiles’ is their text can drive a guy to write like a nice guy. As you know, women dislike “nice guys” more than “players” in regards