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fun. But the talent is drying up. :/ I’m going to hell. 🙁 Reviewed By Stable Vista Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 02, 2008 permalink Visit This site has a major flaw. If you get your e-mails sent to your personal e-mail address, you’ll get the e-mail sent to your personal e-mail address but the e-mail will not appear on’s site. A major bug. If you respond AdultFrienedFinder member login Rating ***** Date December 12, 2004 permalink Visit American Singles I would give AmSingles a 1 1/2 stars if it was possible only since they don’t bomb you with advertising like the other dating sites do. But a huge negative is that non-members can’t respond which even lowers the response rate further. Besides that, it pretty much has the same pitfalls as other sites. Online dating is fantastic AdultFrienedFinder member login free therapy. Sniff. Sniff. I’m such a sucker though. I actually “Hotlisted” a guy who clearly, based on his description, wants Princess Diana for his girlfriend. “She must be able to walk with cabbages and kings,” he says. Then he goes on to provide the definition for “cabbages and kings.” Hmmm. Guess he doesn’t mind if she’s illiterate–she just has to be smokin’ and have good posture. AdultFrienedFinder member login area Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 15, 2005 permalink Visit I have to agree with some of the posts here about the censorship practices engages in. I’ve been a subscriber on and off over the past year and have had mixed results. I won’t re-subscribe until such time that Match revises their policies. First, in regards to emails: If you and the person you’re contacting AdultFrienedFinder member login