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with your personal e-mail address, you have to because the email is NOT showing up on match’s site, then your e-mail will be shown, a privacy issue. The question is, how many emails are not getting delivered? Besides the technical issues, has far too many men online versus women. And my experience is that too women are flakes. This AdultFrienedFinder mobile for females YES: that even includes FAT, UGLY, BAGGAGE LADEN, INSANE, POOR etc. The male to female ratios is not 2:1, it’s more like 10:1 if you consider the “active” users. (users that log in at least once a week). As he pointed out, it gives the women a huge checklist. Their profiles get viewed thousands of times a week, and many of those men simply email as they have lowered their standards AdultFrienedFinder mobile His username is BronxZoo0CDD in case you want to check it out. Oops. Guess I definitely ruined my chances with that one, too. Anyway, dude, Di is dead, but I hear Kate Winslet’s free. Reviewed By Gene Encino Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 29, 2010 permalink Visit JDate First off.. I’d like to start with a simple Irony. I did find a couple girls I liked on Jdate… and the irony of it is AdultFrienedFinder mobile are BOTH subscribers (at least in the past), you can send an email address, phone numbers, home address, etc. without fear of it being censored. But as soon as you stop subscribing and, if a paying-subscriber sends you a message with their email address in it (via Match’s email), Match substitutes the sending subscriber’s real address with the talkmatch address. Trying to ‘disguise’ it may AdultFrienedFinder mobile