and received only yes/no answers, as though I were talking to a five year old), or looking for a wife. Nothing unusually wrong with all that, except when the first meeting is practically a proposal. Their forwardness and bashful behavior was sometimes intimidating, often headache-inducing and always a turn-off. Not only that, but I also heard more than one lecture on what “nice guys” (read: AdultFrienedFinder should only spend an hour or two once a week online if male and deciding to give it a try. Forget about contacting a lot of women. Things work better when they contact you, because at least they are interested, unlike 99% of the other women that saw your profile. Online women are cherry pickers, and unless you look really cherry to them, you have no chance anyway because they get 50 times AdultFrienedFinder There have been a few good things about the site. Being a 25 year old graduate student, it has been useful meeting people with similar interests. Some of the people I have met on the site I continue to keep in contact with, and a couple have become good friends. On the negative side, I have met a few guys who were very misleading, and great liars. It is very easy to lie about yourself on AdultFrienedFinder not interested in “players” or people constantly looking for the next best thing, what are some things you would write to make that clear, yet avoid sounding too selective or strict? Finally, since this is supposed to be a review, I’d say I like the range of women I’ve seen in my personal searches (10 miles within my zip, Bay Area) in terms of photo-attractiveness. I’ve also come across AdultFrienedFinder