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join real life clubs and activities. I’ve made more friends and found more potential mates doing that than through the internet. It’s also much easier to get to know some one from a face-to-face encounter than through a small profile blurb. Peace. Reviewed By Mike Largo Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 06, 2008 permalink Visit Look, it’s the only site not full of bots.. I’ve AdultFrienfdFinder uk look as if they were ridden hard and put away wet. Why does AS appeal so much to them? Do they have AS kiosks at Trucksstops of America facilities and NASCAR tracks? Does Wal-Mart sell subscriptions? The percentage of truly obese women is much higher on AS than on other online dating servies, and there’s also a higher number of painfully bad, glurgy or generic profiles; “I’m looking for AdultFrienfdFinder uk Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 14, 2010 permalink Visit JDate Where to start…….. Well, I’ve been on and off for 2 years now. I’m in that “funny” age of dating. I started on Jdate when I was 39 and now I’m 41. Most of the men who contact me are looking for 1 of 3 things: 1. a dominant women to beat them into submission while I humiliate them (NOT into this) 2. a cougar (NOT INTO AdultFrienfdFinder uk while taking a picture of himself. Believe it or not, the self-airshot picture says a lot about your social life. Guys use some common sense with your photos. I prefer to see pictures of a guy in different environments but the main photo should be a bit formal. I would like to point out a fact, some girls are bugged by guys who use pictures of themselves posing with other ladies. 6. Interest AdultFrienfdFinder uk