their emails as “cute,” “girlie,” and other words one typically reserves for small animals and babies. I suppose I’m what you could call one of the “hot” girls who “flaked out.” Having attractive pictures on didn’t do much for me other than garner too much attention from the types of men I wasn’t interested in, haha. Well, my suggestion to all other jaded users is to AdultFrienfdFinder don’t write back. On AS, however, you’ll be rejected by “whiskey tango” women. The selection if far more Springeresque: even in the big city that I live in, it seems like the majority of women on AS, to be polite, have a rural Southern or Appalachian feel about them. We’re talking women in their mid-30s who are already grandmothers, biker chicks, Beanie Baby collectors, and other women what AdultFrienfdFinder to be a Jew. You’d think after the Holacaust that our women would understand the importance of being with Jewish men and having kids, But noooo, these vultures are only out for all they can get, and many told me on jdate that they’d rather be alone than be with a Jewish guy who did not make as much as their Daddies!! I found the sight to be a waste of time, Reviewed By Darleen New Jersey AdultFrienfdFinder pictures that bug me the most are pictures of guys wearing hats. Sometimes, I’ve seen a picture of a guy wearing a dirty hat. I really dislike dirty, sweaty, and bacteria ridden hats…GROSS. I’ve seen guys posing as cartoon characters and I think it’s kinda nerdy of them to play pretend. The other type of picture that bugs me is the type that show a guy holding the camera up in the air, AdultFrienfdFinder