been on and off of match for a couple years now. Between relationships I just use it to argument my busy life. The only issue I have with the site, is..It harbors a tremendous amount of fatties. Yeah, call me shallow, I don’t mind a little weight on a girl, but..oh my god. They take pictures so well, and im attracted to full figured ladies, so sometimes I just get trapped, end up driving AdultFrienfdinder a white knight to sweep me off my feet”, “I love to laugh!”, “I work hard and play hard”, “Love me, love my 12 cats!”, and so on. Feh. If you’re a guy, stay away, unless you’re homesick for eastern Kentucky. Reviewed By M Ellicott City Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 04, 2004 permalink Visit American Singles Every inet dating site with which I’ve been a member receives three stars because AdultFrienfdinder THIS either and I have it specified in my ID and profile) 3. A young piece of eye candy for a 50 – 78 year old man. (TOTALLY NOT INTO THIS and I have it specified in my id and profile) Dated 2 men (both with severe issues – 2nd one ended up being gay) Met a 3rd for drinks. His profile (and pics) were of a VERY attractive, good looking man who claimed to be 37. When I met him, my first question AdultFrienfdinder and superficial compatibility. Personal attractivness is a grey area. I’m just happy with someone whom I can walk down the street with. Some people are different with their tastes and want more than the common goods. I think it’s okay for a guy to have the courage to email a pretty lady but I hope he would do the same for a lesser attractive lady. I think people should be reasonable with AdultFrienfdinder