In either case, write back to thank him for the wink and you will know what his intentions are. If he writes a nice email back, he was probably a little shy, he he takes forever to respond or doesn’t respond at all, he was just flirting. Move on! There are so many beautiful men and women on match, you’ll have better luck next time! Hope this helps and happy dating! Reviewed By Rob Albany, AdultFrindFrinder emails. They boast that they have thousands and thousands of members, but that’s a skewed number because 1. They don’t remove old profiles. I’ve found 5 year old profiles in there. 2. You don’t know how many are non-payers, so even if you did pay the membership and contact them, they’d have no way of even knowing that you did contact them. Their selection looks great, but the only women AdultFrindFrinder They started to chat and he was all about how hard it is to be a doctor in Israel and he works such long hours that he almost has no life. She was real understanding at which point our fellow offered a u-turn in his conversation and said that he would be real interested to have a “let’s play a game” and also offered to show his webcam of which my friend accepted. She was really sympathetic AdultFrindFrinder who wouldn’t dream of being openly rude to someone who is standing next to them, will pull the most amazing stunts in their cars. They think they are not accountable for their behavior when they don’t think they can be identified. And that seems to be the run of the mill attitude on Match too. I consider that if you have invested time and emotional energy in interacting with someone on Match, AdultFrindFrinder