men 40-60 4. They usually place their contact info surreptitiously in their profile, e.g. Emijohnson33 sent her email contact as ¬Ďemijohnson33atyahOOdotcom. It is therefore not detected by the site. 5. They will introduce a sob story like parents killed in accident, no family. 6. They will have no verifiable information. 7. Will profess love and will introduce sex early on in conversations AdultFrinendFinder. about my experience with Friends have told me how great eHarmony is, and I’ve done okay with Match so I was pretty optimistic when I paid for a month’s subscription. Needless to say, like many of the comments here, it is lame. I got sent matches, but they weren’t actually as well matched as my basic matches are. I thought the ice breakers were clever, but I didn’t AdultFrinendFinder. that falls through, back to the web site they flock! I think jdate and other dating web sites are a reflection of our current society (mainly 20 – 35 age group). No sense of morals, values, or of anything good/decent. It’s a “ME ME ME” generation where people are raised not to appreciate anything of any value. The few “good ones” are NOT on these web sites or are already taken. It’s a sad AdultFrinendFinder. free thinking & freely opinionated site that allows people to say and do anything they want. This is kind of the “hippy site”, which in itself could be dangerous but neither the less it is for some people. Now This is a forum that gives you 7 options to use to help you find your match. They have reasonable prices and have specials (discounts)throughout the year that other companies AdultFrinendFinder.