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Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 01, 2008 permalink Visit After a few weeks on Match one gets to understand the “game”. Unlike many other reviews here I met many very attractive and interesting women. And only 1 of the many women I met did not look like her photo. Everyone uses this site for different reasons. Some are serious about finding a real relationship. Some use it strictly AdultFrinendFinder.c om by “the Lake” that’s pretty much a giveaway – especially since we don’t have any large lakes close to the city. A bit of advice on this, if you don’t see specific mentions of your town/city in a profile, chances are that the profile is fake. Maybe that’s a “duh” but in case it isn’t I hope it helps. Reviewed By kimberly Anchorage AK Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 06, 2010 permalink AdultFrinendFinder.c om are absolutely and completely false (I was not a member of the relevant site at the time, and thus certainly not in the chat room of the site, and thus certainly not engaged in any way with this poster). And yet there is nothing that I can do about it. I imagine that others must be in the same situation. I’d urge readers of this review site to bear that in mind. Reviewed By Rob New York AdultFrinendFinder.c om is why some people are saying they see beautiful girls winking at them and then they can never find them on our site again. (due to the abuse team shutting the profile off) All in all, I can honestly say I think is a great way to meet people. We have 12 million members and they truely do care about the wellfare of their customers. I hope this helps some of your opinions about AdultFrinendFinder.c om