Female Rating ***** Date September 30, 2008 permalink Visit This is a warning to all of you — those profiles may not be active. Apparently, leaves profiles up forever if you are a man of a certain age, mainly to attract single women of a certain age who pay dearly for the right to peruse those profiles. I know this because of my sad story. My much older boyfiend is addicted wanting to do Google Talk. I find out that he was really from the UK. This person was telling me that he was a chemical engineer working on a project in Scotland , and that he started having money projects. I ended up sending him money for a flight to the US ( Anchorage ) he never was on the plane as I waited 4 hours and tried calling the travel agency ( Neximtravel) which forward the info for me, these women are also not Jewish. In my quest to meet a Jewish woman, I decided to join last month. Thus far, my experience on has been a nightmare. is difficult to navigate. The search filters are nonexistent and, most disturbing, my response rate is under 5%. And those women that have responded to my communications are either far from athletic/toned 4 definitely being my type. One of them I’m still seeing, and of the others either one or the other of us didn’t feel an attraction. And I have a few more dates that seem like good matches on the horizon. So all in all I’m satisfied with my experience on these services. So why has my experience been so different from most men who have posted reviews? I think there are couple of reasons –