his age, so you all need to be careful. This goes for both men and women, you should really be careful and run background checks on people before you date them. There are some really not nice people out there and it does put a damper on the dating industry. Okay, off my soapbox and back to the review. I’m a fan of After being on it for a month, I met my boyfriend, who so far is AdultFrirendFinder there are the “fake” matches, probably matches who are no longer members or just made up ones because they don’t respond and the worse thing is that there is no last log in time for the matches- I called after a week’s membership and wanted to cancel and get my money back and was told to tweak my criteria, I wanted a refund and off the site-but was told we had to tweak first, give it another AdultFrirendFinder it like a bad habit. Final thought – I can not confirm – but have been told that only about 10-12% of people really meet on online sites. Not a great average really. Reviewed By Jim Rockland County, NY Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 24, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I was only on Jdate for a few months before meeting my now fiance. I had an absolute blast. All the women I dated were fun. AdultFrirendFinder been in practice he has never seen so many “screwed up” women. Though he could not offer a blanket explanation he did advice those are seeking a life long partner to: 1. Keep an open mind. Love can happen to anyone, at anytime, in any place with a person you may least expect. 2. Stay positive. Seldom is a healthy human being attracted to a personality type that is negative, troubled and AdultFrirendFinder