perfect. I’ve been on the other sites (yahoo, plenty of loosers, True, J-Date, American Singles, matchdoctor…which I like to call match pervert, etc..) I have found to be the best dating site out there. Give it a chance. Reviewed By A Washington Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 23, 2008 permalink Visit I have been on match for 4 months and am extremely disappointed. AdultFrirndFinder chance-there wasn’t much to tweak except make sure my match location radius was made most important on the scale-it already was-I was to give it another 2 weeks and then call back-I waited one week and tried to cancel and they don’t give refunds, so I called my credit card company and disputed-they didn’t deliver as promised-after 3 months I finally got my money back. stay away from, AdultFrirndFinder If you know how to decipher someone’s profile, its easy to come up with winners. Of course the first thing to go by is the photo. A well written profile is a must. If a person is a boring writer then it’s a no brainier that they will be just the same in person. Two absolute turn offs were: “Just as comfortable in jeans as in a night gown” and the kiss of death “Live, Love, Laugh”! Once the AdultFrirndFinder cynical. 3. Always remember, it is them; not you. The thoughtless person who cannot respond kindly to a warm, sincere human being is revealing everything there is to know about who they are and what kind of mate they will be. With that said I am reminded of the scene in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall”. Woody is walking down a New York street and eyes a couple strolling along, apparently deeply AdultFrirndFinder