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right away. It was all very interesting. Reviewed By John Illinois Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 18, 2008 permalink Visit The reason these sites don’t crack down on scammers is that these “hot or handsome” photo’s and dishonest profiles bring in alot of subscribers to the site. It is an easy program that these dating sites could use to verify the IP address and what part Aduly Friend Finder impersonating an actual person is illegal last time I checked. They emailed me asking me to refile the complaint on their site, something I had already done in the first place. Of course I was prepared to send them the evidence, including screen shots and other stuff for comparison in order to back up my claims, but their system did not allow attachments! Unfortunately I could not reply Aduly Friend Finder and creating a profile allows you to look at more people. And I think a lot of people are fairly detailed when the create their profiles because as a non-subscriber, you are allowed to “Hot List” someone, which he or she can see. And you can see if anybody’s hot-listed you. If two people hot list each other, then they’d probably subscribe to start communicating with each other. Because I Aduly Friend Finder do have a word of advice: WRITE YOUR PROFILE IN WORD AND RUN SPELLCHECK BEFORE POSTING IT ON MATCH!! There’s nothing more disappointing than reading about a guy who is “sinsere”, “atractive” and “inteligent”. I know that some smart people are bad spellers but if you can’t take the time to double-check before posting then you can’t really expect to be taken seriously. Reviewed By just me Aduly Friend Finder