should put a cap on it so there is an equilibrium on the gender, or better yet, have MORE women so it increases your chances. The male-to-female ratio is detrimental to the success of actually hooking up! By preventing extra males from signing up (e.g., the competition!), it would probably make it a little easier for the rest of us. I never got to meet with anyone after several months of That he is not the person he claims he is is certain to judge from his picture vs. the picture on the website of the actual person. Prospective Chemistry customers beware! Reviewed By lucy montana Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 16, 2010 permalink Visit What a sham is! I have been a member two weeks. At first they sent me a few matches here and there. Maybe 3 profile and upload pictures for free. In order to use J-Date, you should actually have to USE it (i.e. chatting, e-mails, etc.). 2. Allow paying subscribers to see who is a paying subscriber and who’s not (and for how long you haven’t been paying). If I know that you aren’t a subscriber and you haven’t been one for six months, I know you’re not serious about this and I won’t waste my time on ‘search’ and type in that person’s ID and it will take you directly to the profile. Plus you can look at people without them knowing you are looking at them. So really you never have to sign on – not to check email or look at people. I have a friend online now, and I have been working with her to avoid the scummy pigs. One day she signed on after not having been on in a couple of weeks

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