to show how much she cared for him. The only problem was the woman was really one of those (Nigerian?) con men that scam people ALL THE TIME. An astute viewer pointed out that the pictures were of a professional model who showed off a lot more than her face. A lot of dating websites have that problem! A key problem with the service is that are just too many men-seeking-women using it. AdutFriendFinder I obviously removed my profile after this experience, have put a stop on any credit card payments, and am filing a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. I have not doubt that the guy online was an impersonator preying on unsuspecting wealthy women and paying a subscription to Chemistry. This is the reason why they don’t want to investigate, nor take action against him. AdutFriendFinder fun by dining out, watching movies, going to sporting events. I looking for someone similar-minded, drama-free, who can make me laugh and be my best friend.” So what do most people base their decision off of then? The person’s looks. Needless to say, this is not the best way to find your soul mate. A couple things J-date can do to rectify this situation. 1. Don’t allow people to create a AdutFriendFinder as if you are on all day! I contacted match about this, and they agreed that it is set up this way but say they can’t do anything about it. I know better. Here is how to get around this. Do not sign on to match just to check email or winks. Do that through your email account. You don’t even have to sign on to look at profiles. If you click on a profile and it tells you to sign on, just click AdutFriendFinder