Or rejected because the person misread a greeting. Or don’t trust your profile. Or if you fall short of their high horse expectations, even if you are a great person and make a respectable living. The email updates you receive showing your latest matches never respond when you write them. You are given the false impression that based on your profile a) these people are aware of you, b) like AdutlFriendFinder three local matches, and should never have taken my subscription. I think they take advantage of lonely people looking for someone in their life. Don’t waste your money!!!! Reviewed By Dave North Carolina Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 12, 2010 permalink Visit is simply a watered down version of, and is a complete waste of time. Yes, they may get away AdutlFriendFinder to be a full-fledged subscriber, they can pay a certain amount to send an e-mail back. I know it’s only been a week, but this is already worrying me that I’m paying for a month to get results I could have attained by not becoming a subscriber. Reviewed By Dustin Sacramento Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 29, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I tried out Jdate for less than a month when I realized AdutlFriendFinder wasn’t my ‘type’ based upon his photo, but he turned out to be perfect and looks much better in real life unlike others I have met on there. He was honest and real, and that was a big turn on. He is hotter than the guys with the hot pictures on there. I give a 3 because they hooked me up and I only had to pay for a month. However, I think they should listen to customers more. As AdutlFriendFinder