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what they see, and c) would find you a potential mate. Going 0/40 is worse than any batting slump. Then again, I’ve pretty much had the same luck with job sites. I constantly get emails of great job openings in my area related to my skills and résumé. When I apply to these jobs, I get no responses despite my qualifications. Are the “positions” filled that quickly or do they not exist? (I’m Adylt Friend Finder with it technically being a scam, but it pretty much is. I joined to find someone different, rather than the same group of women I encountered on match, and guess what? It was basically the same group of women from match who I was trying to avoid in the first place, LOL, the very first one was a girl who mooned me on a first date from! The site is also a pain in the rear. They Adylt Friend Finder something was up. Out of 37 matches, there were two sets of profiles with identical information entered, one of which had a picture of the same woman. I’m fully convinced that these profiles were planted and that this service is a scam. I pulled my profile roughly ten minutes ago. Good riddance. Reviewed By Dina San Francisco Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 23, 2009 permalink Visit Adylt Friend Finder long as people give them money, they will continue to thrive. Reviewed By Shayna citybythesea Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 28, 2005 permalink Visit Where do I begin? Should I start with one man who accused me of ‘hiding behind HIS screen name” since I don’t post a photo online and instead prefer to mail it directly to someone? The tone of his letter was nasty and accusatory. Adylt Friend Finder