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referring to both the job and the women!) Reviewed By Mick Minneapolis Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 11, 2008 permalink Visit I lasted eight weeks, Martin R. of Virginia wrote it best: I agree with nearly all of the detractors. I went in with nothing and came out with nothing after several months. Match took my money and didn’t do anything. By far the BIGGEST problem is Afult Friend Finder add things to try and make it different than match, but they just end up being annoyances. Getting to the point of meeting someone can be challenging enough with some ladies, and this site simply adds unnecessary hurdles to actually meet someone and see if there is chemistry and a connection in person. Reviewed By Marisa Dallas Area Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 05, 2010 permalink Visit Afult Friend Finder JDate Actually, I give JDate 0 stars. It simply sucks. When I search for men age 39-50 within an 80 mile radius of where I live, only 15 profiles of people who are active members pop up. Can anyone seriously say that within 80 miles of SAN FRANCISCO there are only 15 men in their 40s who are active on JDate??? I have not received even one email since I joined JDate, even though I am using Afult Friend Finder Do people view these sites as opportunities to lash out at people who they’re not attracted to OR do these sites offer the chance to be nasty anonymously? I’m trying to remain positive of course but I think basic manners and niceties go flying out the window . What on earth is wrong with someone responding politely if you get a photo that doesn’t send your loins leaping in anticipation? Afult Friend Finder

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