that either none of the women are actually on there or are so stuck up and picky they contradictory to their profile. They are not as open as forthcoming and compassionate as they say they are. I got so fed up at having to write (not just wink) personalized hellos and making specific references to their profiles and them not even having the courtesy to write or wink back. Unfortunately that AfultFriendFinder I had tried Chemistry twice on their “free weekends”. The first time I met this wonderful man and we dated for several months. Then a few months after that there was another free weekend and again I met a man. This time he was not what I expected. So after 2 somewhat successful free weekends I signed up for 3 months. At first I received a few matches. But they never responded. AfultFriendFinder the exact same profile and photos I used successfully on Match the month before. What a scam. Reviewed By Levin NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 13, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I am really surprised about all the bitching here. It is what it is, a way to meet people. What happens after that depends on any number of things that have little to do with Jdate. I loved the site. I corrosponded AfultFriendFinder What ever happened to just writing…I wish you the best of luck. That could be the “code’ for thanks but I don’t think so. Since when is it considered good manners to just not respond at all? I have other imponderable questions but I’ll save those for the book I intend to write! Reviewed By Mike in Seattle Seattle area Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 26, 2005 permalink Visit Thank AfultFriendFinder