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describes Minneapolis in general if you are not from here (which I am not). Reviewed By H. Aranda SF Bay Area Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 10, 2008 permalink Visit 0/5 Well, my subscription ends today and I’m thrilled that it does because I’m no longer obligated to trying to use a defunct service that I was bored with one month into the six month term. I rarely use this Aldult Freind Finder Than for over a week I did not get ANY matches. I contacted Chemistry and their response was that my critera was to narrow. So I expanded my miles from 25 to 50 and the next day I FINALLY got 3 matches. All 3 were over 150 miles away. I am in the Dallas area and they are telling me there are no men here!! After I complained again they cancelled my subscription but would NOT REFUND ME. I Aldult Freind Finder with a couple dozen girls, met up with maybe a half dozen, had sex with 3 of them, and finally met my current girlfriend, who is serious marriage material. All in the course of 6 months. And I am no elliot gould to be frank. I’m an average looking guy who could stand to lose 20 pounds. Maybe if you live in a small town this ain’t for you, but for an NYC single Jew I say go for it. There Aldult Freind Finder you “Matchcom” for the respectful rebuttal! and all other online dating sites have relied upon, the service selling it’s self. An approach that has just recently become burnt-out. In November 2004,’s membership reached 15 million. Since then, the membership has seen a very slight decline. Analyst have said “the huge expansion for online dating is over”. Online dating Aldult Freind Finder