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word to describe something but felt it was very appropriate for this situation. is a ‘dud’ like a black cat fire cracker that when the wick is lit it fails to ignite when it reaches the explosives. And just like there is no bang for the buck, only disappointment. With there are simply not enough positive results to warrant a current client or potential client Aldult Friend Finder do not recommend them….unless it is a free weekend. RIP OFF!! Reviewed By CindyB Colorado Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 04, 2010 permalink Visit I too just tried the free weekend and deleted my profile on Sunday evening. This site is quite a scam and the free weekend was useless. First I agree with other users who said that they were not actually matched on any real criteria Aldult Friend Finder are TONS of girls on this site. I was looking in the 23-35 age range, and there were what seemed like frankly an endless supply ladies on there. I see alot of complaining about the site here, but frankly alot of this seems to come from men and women in their 50s, where the pickings are always going to be slim. If you are in your 20s or 30s I would highly reccommend this dating site. I know Aldult Friend Finder is a service. Unfortunately, this service only leaves <5% of it's customers satisfied. A lot of people believe, this is out of's control. However, I disagree. "Why?" Because, has made no attempts to attract new and different thinking customers. With their flying-in-the-blind, get all the money you can marketing approach, they attract the same type of people, with the Aldult Friend Finder

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