into believing in a slanted system. Reviewed By J Georgia Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 10, 2008 permalink Visit My experience on Match has been absolutely horrible. It’s pretty sad that people have to lie to try and make themselves look better. The profiles are just a bunch of BS and most of the pictures are old. Most of the men who have emailed me are abusing the site AldultFriendFinder that was important to them. As far as I could tell the matching ignored my preferences on just about everything. You can’t search for anyone and the site only gives you a few matches a day to look at. So you can’t make your own choices. Then there were people that sent me email but I only got a notification, I never saw the actual emails. So you may try to contact someone, and write a nice AldultFriendFinder several people who met their husbands or wives on Jdate, and with my current situation I could see myself joining those ranks. Complaints – the search system is awful. There’s really no filter, so you are basically searching by “Most active, closest, or newest.” What if I’m looking for girls who “frequently drink?” And there’s the aforementioned “you don’t know if they are members” complaint. AldultFriendFinder same psychology, over and over. Online dating needs to come up with a gimmick, to attract new and different customers. Targeting women, is their best option. One of the night clubs I go to, has ladies night on Thursday. There is no cover charge for women, on ladies night. You’ll find that on ladies night, the women outnumber the men and the night club is very crowded. If you go to the night AldultFriendFinder