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needs to screen their members before allowing them to have a profile. Reviewed By Joni M Texas Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 07, 2008 permalink Visit I’m sure there are some great success stories out there, as well as some from those not so fortunate as I was. I was contacted immediately by someone whose profile was glorious with handsome photos. Widow with one son at Alt Friend Finder to give it a try this past weekend which was also a free weekend. Although I can afford the membership fee, I wanted to check out the site first before making a three-month commitment. I signed up Friday and decided to leave on Saturday evening after a bizarre incident with one of the members. My opinion: it’s really a mixed bag with the same amount of normal and weird people as in real Alt Friend Finder girlfriend this way. Reviewed By Eileen Rock Pikesville, MD Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 02, 2009 permalink Visit JDate I went on 3 dates thru JDate. The third one was the prize!! We are in love and have been together for 2 months, and talk about our future together! Thanks to JDate I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life!! Reviewed By Linda Wisconsin Sex Female Rating ***** Alt Friend Finder for their service. Since they have eliminated their I.M. system and block email addresses, there aren’t too many ways to get in contact with anyone. Even, if the lady puts the words “I don’t have a subscription” in her profile, men either ignore it or can’t find the right way to send their email address. is constantly improving their email address blocking system. What worked last Alt Friend Finder