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home, world traveler in the gold biz. Five weeks of online chat was leading to our meeting after his trip overseas. Upon his departing even sent roses so that I would ‘think about him while he was away.’ And of course during that trip he lost luggage and ultimately asked that I send a laptop to south africa so he could complete business and get home. There were many signals along the way Alt Friend Frinder life, the only difference being that online weird can be creepy. I’m not sure I would blame the site for this entirely, but I would definitely blame them for their “matching principles.” I am a very educated woman and explicitly asked to be matched with men who have a bachelor’s degree or higher. I ended up with lots of people without any formal education! For the rest I liked their four-play Alt Friend Frinder Date December 23, 2008 permalink Visit JDate I have been on and off jdate since it began. I am now 56 and the quality of men in my age group is horrible. This is an exhausting process and for the young people who are on please be careful. You do not fall in love with a picture or a voice and long distance does not work. I had a man stalking me on line and with texting…we had never met. Alt Friend Frinder week may not work this week. Most women aren’t going to take out the time, to find the ways that manipulate’s system. As far as free deals for women go, the only free deals you may see is, buy 1 month get 1 free. Is this really free? “No”. I have not seen any free deals for ladies on any personals website, in years. I want to touch on the, “men not reading the profile” subject. Alt Friend Frinder