that things did not add up – bad grammar, no phone calls and repetitious emails with long romantic messages, an error in communicating with too many women and not keeping track. His photos can be found on several scammer websites under 3 different names. These scammers are professionals, pick up photos from modeling sites, etc. and know all the right words to say. Buyer beware. The more AsdultFriendFinder and short-question and answer icebreakers and spent a fun Saturday morning playing around with it. I even “met” some interesting men I could see myself dating had I stayed. However, an incident later rattled my nerves and ruined the whole experience for me. I’m not sure if I should laugh or not but here it is for your reading pleasure: a guy identifying himself as a cop, initiated contact. AsdultFriendFinder Don’t be fooled. Unfortunately I am widowed, but was happily married for 20 years. Take your time and get to know someone. Don’t hook-up with strangers. Be safe…Linda Reviewed By Nice Jewish Boy NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 21, 2008 permalink Visit JDate It is, what it is. As in life, there are no guarantees. There are liars, nasty people, shy people, and plenty of unappealing AsdultFriendFinder As you know, men outnumber the women on this type of personals site. A paying male member will become frustrated with the service, due to a lack of responses. A lot of men will just write a email, save the file to their hard drive, then just cut and paste it to any pretty face they see. In hopes that they get lucky. From a customer service standpoint, should probably come up with AsdultFriendFinder