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reliable are locals within your specified radius, short chats and meeting sooner than later, or moving on. Match should perform due diligence in background checks. Reviewed By Martin R. Virginia Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 06, 2008 permalink Visit One person, Seagal2610 was among my headaches. I’m always paraphrasing movies/TV/pop culture (think of the dialogue used on Asult Friend Finder We exchanged a couple of back and forth questions and answers in which he sounded as cryptic and non-committal as in his profile, then he announced I should wait on him on yahoo to chat. At some point he appeared and, after dispensing with the initial pleasantries, began to interrogate me in the most creepy way imaginable about being real or fake!! Of course, I had mentioned that I was a Asult Friend Finder people on JDate. As always, it’s buyer beware. This is not Yenta from Fiddler on the Roof, there are no background checks, and you’re not meeting friends of friends. I suppose that if you’re young and hot and outgoing and looking to just hook up with someone as you would in a bar, JDate probably delivers what you’d expect. No more, no less. Remember, caviat emptor. If you want more than Asult Friend Finder a email filtering system. A ladies night type of promotion for, “kills 2 birds with one stone”. Not only will it bring in a new breed of customers but it could raise their success rate. Fun Fact. The male to female ratio in Las Vegas for 27yo is…. 2.13 to 1, The male to female ratio in Sacramento for 27yo is…. 1.17 to 1! Reviewed By disgruntled Cleveland, OH Sex Male Rating Asult Friend Finder