“Gilmore Girls” and you know what I mean) to express myself. However, she didn’t “get” anything I said and misinterpreted my humor as being condescending towards her. She wrote something back to the effect of “get lost.” For some reason, she took great offense to one sentence and literally ignored the rest of my letter, which I talked about her profile and compared it to my own, with a nutshell AsultFriendFinder new member checking out the site. His suspicions: I mentioned I had a White German Shepherd dog that I got from a rescue here, and he kept insisting that he is not familiar with the breed, insinuating it doesn’t exist (!), demanding a picture of it (yes, demanding is the word!), and doubting that the shelter I got it from is in the US, maintaining it’s in Mexico!! lol Nothing could be further AsultFriendFinder that, don’t spend $40 a month on JDate. Meet someone through friends. Or hire a PI to investigate anyone you’re dating more than 3 months. For the older, more serious jewish single, JDate has indeed become a trying experience. Yes, men lie & cheat & ruin it for the rest of us guys who really are trying to meet someone. The men are often married, or commitment phobic, or simply, just plain AsultFriendFinder ***** Date July 24, 2005 permalink Visit i’ve been on and off of match for the past four years… have sent countless emails, gone on about 25 dates, with 5 going to second dates and beyond (one relationship lasted a year and a half). i’m pissy about match’s new policy (similar to other sites) of not letting non-subscribers see the whole set of photos. i paid my subscription fee, AsultFriendFinder