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of the world it’s comming from, and block users from these addresses. But it will never happen because these scammers are the dating sites best sales force and bring in 40-50% of their revenue. How’s that for conflict of intrest. Reviewed By Dream On USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 13, 2008 permalink Visit Phooey on the people that use photos off of porn sites to pass AdulyFriendFinder to their email and send them everything because they do not check replies as they stated! I refiled the complaint anyway and threatened to expose them on the internet and let the actual person that was being impersonated know about it! Two days later I received another email from customer service thanking me for my concern and claiming they had taken action against the impersonator, only AdulyFriendFinder am a paying subscriber, I can send as many e-mails, IMs and check my Inbox as often as I want. However, I have almost no way of knowing who’s a subscriber and who’s not (other than the few “spotlighted” members). So when I send these e-mails, there’s no guarantee that they’re ever going to seem them. All they have to go off of is a generic profile which may or may not have the information AdulyFriendFinder TN Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 29, 2005 permalink Visit First let me say that I have been dating a guy for over a year that I met on match. I had a profile with no picture, but when I put a photo out there I had to turn off my profile within a week due to the responses! It was overwhelming to say the least. Anyway, it has worked for me. There seems to be some confusion here AdulyFriendFinder

Aduly Friend Finder

right away. It was all very interesting. Reviewed By John Illinois Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 18, 2008 permalink Visit The reason these sites don’t crack down on scammers is that these “hot or handsome” photo’s and dishonest profiles bring in alot of subscribers to the site. It is an easy program that these dating sites could use to verify the IP address and what part Aduly Friend Finder impersonating an actual person is illegal last time I checked. They emailed me asking me to refile the complaint on their site, something I had already done in the first place. Of course I was prepared to send them the evidence, including screen shots and other stuff for comparison in order to back up my claims, but their system did not allow attachments! Unfortunately I could not reply Aduly Friend Finder and creating a profile allows you to look at more people. And I think a lot of people are fairly detailed when the create their profiles because as a non-subscriber, you are allowed to “Hot List” someone, which he or she can see. And you can see if anybody’s hot-listed you. If two people hot list each other, then they’d probably subscribe to start communicating with each other. Because I Aduly Friend Finder do have a word of advice: WRITE YOUR PROFILE IN WORD AND RUN SPELLCHECK BEFORE POSTING IT ON MATCH!! There’s nothing more disappointing than reading about a guy who is “sinsere”, “atractive” and “inteligent”. I know that some smart people are bad spellers but if you can’t take the time to double-check before posting then you can’t really expect to be taken seriously. Reviewed By just me Aduly Friend Finder

Aduly Freind Finder

idea what’s behind that face. So, I think on-line dating just needs a different set of rules. Since you get to know about the “inside” online, you need to proceed directly to the “outside” asap, because that is really important too….you’ll be looking at it for a very long time, if it works out. As an airline employee, I was able and ready to fly to meet people, which I did many times and Aduly Freind Finder had even copied parts of his website to discuss his “work”! Additionally, after I had cooled off the contact and had not logged on for a couple of weeks because I was out of town on business, I discovered that the guy had changed his age on his profile by 5 years! The picture of his “home” looked suspiciously like coming from a real estate ad! I immediately reported him to Chemistry because Aduly Freind Finder And with so many people on J-Date, on of them might actually like me, I imagine. Or… b) My messages aren’t even getting through to these people. As I said before, like many other dating sites, J-Date doesn’t make you pay in order to make a profile. I believe that the reason a lot of people make profiles on there is because J-Date restricts visitors to only viewing a couple of profiles, Aduly Freind Finder up once, and had some interesting e-mails conversations with people I’ve come to believe never had any intention of coming out from behind their computer screens. I plan on continuing at least through the end of the year because I do think you can meet someone on Match, it’s just a matter of putting the effort in and not getting discouraged if success doesn’t happen right off the bat. I Aduly Freind Finder

Adulty Friend Finder

place, of course. There is no point in wasting time on what you imagine the person is like. I think this is a great way to meet people in that you can narrow the field down and they have to write about themselves. When you meet someone IRL – ha!, don’t we have an acronym for everything! – you get what you don’t get online, the real, animated person right away…see above…but you have no Adulty Friend Finder I signed up for a month, got lots of matches, then was approached by a guy who said he was a medical doctor and had lots of pictures of himself, his presumed house, dogs, etc. He sounded nice, but something did not quite add up. I like to investigate things that sound suspicious, so I looked him up on the internet. I discovered he was impersonating an actual medical doctor in San Diego, Adulty Friend Finder about her. Well, the thing is, that after a week, I haven’t received any correspondence or anything back. Which makes me think: a) I’m treading in deeper waters than I can swim in. I’m way out of my league, and absolutely no one wants anything to do with me. I honestly don’t think this is the case. I mean, I’m no James Bond, but I do think I’m fairly attractive and have a pretty good personality. Adulty Friend Finder to be “quite.” Of course, none of this has anything to do with (or any other online dating service), but this forum gives me a chance to vent my frustrations. Reviewed By CHS NYC Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 30, 2005 permalink Visit I’ve been on since May. So far it’s been ok. I had one great date with a guy who unfortunately lives too far away, got stood Adulty Friend Finder

Adultt Friend Finder

sure there are enough pictures posted so that you can get a real idea of what the person looks like…one image is absolutely not enough. If you contact someone with only one, ask them to post more so you can see them. This is very easy to do, and, if they don’t want to, then forget it right there! Talk as soon as possible, and if that goes well, see them as soon as possible…in a public Adultt Friend Finder over other dating websites as this experience as turned me completely off of online dating. Think twice! Reviewed By De. San Diego Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 20, 2010 permalink Visit is definitely a scam and a dangerous one too! They harbor crooks and their customer service knows but does nothing although they “encourage” reports of concern from their customers! Adultt Friend Finder the waters out, I started with one month. And then I started looking, searching and e-mailing the women who I thought I might get along with in the Chicagoland area. Nothing too serious, like “We’re perfect for each other, let’s get hitched.” You know, just a casual, “Hey,” a question about something in her profile that has piqued my interest and saying I’d like to chat online to learn more Adultt Friend Finder told me he was in the “frieght” business. Another, who said he had a graduate degree, said “I’m glad you was honist with me.” (honestly!) Maybe it’s cliche, but I do think women put more value on words than men do. Nothing, I mean nothing, will turn me off faster than mis-used words. Please don’t tell me, “I’m glad your interested in me.” Don’t tell me you appreciate a woman who knows how Adultt Friend Finder


my profile had not been removed! What does that tell you about their integrity, or lack thereof? Only a fool would pay good money to the operators of a site like this. Reviewed By Carol Montreal Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 19, 2008 permalink Visit I have had only positive experiences with, but am quite careful about how I proceed with things. My advice: make AdultsFriendsFinders mentioned before I purchased the 3 month membership; I was matched with *5* men during that time. You read that right, 5! All 5 were not what I was looking for either and all but one lived over 3 hours from me [the only strict criteria that I set was location with a maximum of 60 miles]. This company is a joke! I wish that I took the time to thoroughly read reviews before I chose AdultsFriendsFinders saying, “I met _____ at an online dating site.” So I created my profile, uploaded a few pictures of me, and wham-bam, my profile is up. But like most dating sites, this isn’t a totally free service. In order for you to actually communicate with people and receive the communication you get from other members, you have to subscribe for one, three or 12 months. So, just because I want to test AdultsFriendsFinders way of sneaking you e-mail address into your profile? Please share them. Reviewed By Fay raleigh Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 31, 2005 permalink Visit I really, really agree with what CHS has to say about spell-checking your profile — and have a friend read it to make sure it makes sense to someone else. I have read a number of profiles with whole phrases missing! One man AdultsFriendsFinders


results of a little experiment. Now, keep in mind that I left Match three years ago, but after reading about all of the “fake” or “inactive” profiles on Match, I wondered whether my profile was still there after three years of inactivity. I found my old ID and password, logged onto Match, and guess what I found….my three-year-old profile still out there! After three years of inactivity, AdultsFriendsFinder my profile in the morning, and when I went to log-in that afternoon I was told that I didn’t have an account. A quick review of my online banking records indicated that they did in fact receive payment so I placed a call to the customer service department. It took 2 1/2 hours [most of which I spent on hold] to fix the error that occurred on their end when I subscribed. As I AdultsFriendsFinder world that we live in, and the fact that I live in Buffalo Grove (which isn’t exactly a social hub), I think that online dating is pretty useful, and I’ve come to terms that this doesn’t make me “desperate” for a girlfriend. Some people meet their future wife in high school or college, waiting in line for coffee at Starbucks, at a Pilates course. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with AdultsFriendsFinder have. Match rewards its paying clientele by forcing them to communicate only through the Match website. Because Match has little or no regard for fair business practices I see no reason not to cleverly include an obvious hint to one’s own private e-mail address. Here’s a good way: Under the last book read section write something like “Screen Name” by M.S. Nmail. Do you have other creative AdultsFriendsFinder

Adults Friend Finder

ago after moving to Pittsburgh and dropped it after several months of “no answers” to virtually all of my attempts to initiate contact. If you are an average-looking guy like me who wants to be consistently ignored, try one of the free sites like ( At least it won’t tax your wallet. However, I am writing this review three years later to communicate the Adults Friend Finder a vibe that it’s an abandoned site and not maintained much. In fact I’d be surprised if it’s even around in a year. Reviewed By Kris PA Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 28, 2010 permalink Visit Three months ago I purchased a 3 month membership to and while I wasn’t expecting much I received nothing. I’ll start with day one. I subscribed to their service and created Adults Friend Finder out my profile before you deny my IM invitation! Out of the 6 who didn’t respond, 5 of them didn’t even look at my profile at all. If someone (a woman on JDate perhaps) could explain why this is happening, I would appreciate it. Reviewed By Ross Buffalo Grove, IL Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 02, 2009 permalink Visit JDate So, I’ve succumbed to online dating. In this hectic and busy Adults Friend Finder later. She indicated in her mail message to me that her subscription was running out in a day and that I should write to her at….. And that is where Match decided to censor the rest of her message to me. So now the only way to communicate with her is to fork over the $$$ for a month’s subscription. She paid her hard earned pay to have all the privileges a member in good standing should Adults Friend Finder


and how many emails are truly from the people represented by the profiles. I guess the only way to find out is to give it a try–nothing ventured, nothing gained (except, of course, for the accountants at Reviewed By Dave Pittsburgh Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 19, 2008 permalink Visit I wish I could give negative stars. I tried Match over three years AdultriendFinder to be rather rare, as in out of 10 matches approximately 0 to 1 will be active. Now, outside of that, I can’t really say anything truly negative about the site. Those whom I have actually corresponded with are real people that I do feel like I’d probably get along with in real life, and the one I have met I’ve actually clicked with. But do I recommend this site? Not really. It kind of has AdultriendFinder a creepo, and that I’m a fairly normal guy, you can look me up –> RhoustonB509. So, I don’t think women aren’t responding to me because of that. I think a lot of people have preconceived notions of what their dream guy or girl looks like. I mean, C’MON! No one’s going to be perfect to a T, especially on a dating site! And I’m OK if there’s something about me you don’t like. But GEEZ, check AdultriendFinder ***** Date August 01, 2005 permalink Visit If there was a zero star choice for Match I would select it. Unethical business behavior was never so blatantly practiced. I received I wink from a gal and I winked back. Since I was not a paid member I could not write a detailed note to her. There were no clues to her private e-mail address in her profile but she wrote me back a few days AdultriendFinder

Adultr Friend Finder

quite as discouraged yet as some of the other reviewers whose postings I’ve read here, but I’m getting there, and already doubt that I’ll actually end up finding anyone through a site such as this (or any on-line dating site). Still, I do know that there are legitimate people on the site, of both genders, within 50 miles of me who are serious; what I don’t know is how many profiles are current, Adultr Friend Finder the site and never removed their profile. I didn’t understand this at first, but my suspicions were raised after declaring interest in a few people but then never getting rejected or reciprocated. I then realized that it was only worth expressing interest to those that have the 24 hour activity alert found on their profile (those who have logged in within’ 24 hours). However, those seem Adultr Friend Finder Visit JDate Sorry, I have to make an edit because of how absolutely horrible of an experience I’m having. I guess this really isn’t a complaint about JDate, but more like the people who are on JDate. And because it’s happening on JDate, their review is getting lowered. I’m IMing some people, just to try to get a conversation started, and right now, I’m 1 for 7. So you can see that I’m not Adultr Friend Finder don’t work for Reviewed By Jeremy ma Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 04, 2005 permalink Visit SLIME BALLS. Non paying members can’t write e-mail. They sensor your PRIVATE e-mail! They strip your e-mail address from letters. If you pay for a membership, non-members should be able to recieve your e-mail address and write back. Reviewed By clever1 Atlanta Sex Male Rating Adultr Friend Finder