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to introduce yourself to a woman, but with practice, anyone should be able to do it. If you get rejected, suck it up and move on. So my opinion is that the last three months on match was a big waiste of time and money. I did make one platonic friend and she is great. Everyone else sucked. And don’t get suckered into those free dating sites either like POF. The quality of the people on the not even a match they gave me on top of it. They did this 6 times to me in the month i subscribed for. What a heartbreaker, you are happy someone showed interest in you, you log on and just like magic, they aren’t even there, they must of just vanished!!! Responding to the last statement as well, its not fair to say that guys online must be losers, the same can be said for most of the women it. My guess is that they want women to still see my profile and to believe that I’m a member, even after I’m gone, which brings me to the next issue. When people remove their Profile and other people try to see that profile they get a message saying: “This member may now be a JDate success story… and you can too!” It’s not really false advertising since they say “MAY be a success story” my head is too big for my body?” Ya know what Pedro, maybe it is, stop shopping out of your league and forget it. Put down the mouse and get out of the house. Reviewed By Michael Atlanta, GA Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 15, 2005 permalink Visit While I’m a fan of Match, I understand what it is: another medium to meet people, and there are pros and cons to every dating medium.

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before you have actually posted a photo. When you check out the profile, it’ll say there is no matching profile. They’ve obviously got a subroutine in their programming that sends new users “winks” from non-existing profiles. That is very dishonest, and most likely illegal. If they continue with it and enough people contact the Better Business Bureau, will probably hit the skids sdult Friend Finder the point of the site altogether?) I’ve tried clicking “physical distance is too great” as my reason for not being interested in guys from other states, thinking that the computer might eventually figure it out, but it hasn’t happened. It’s quite frustrating to see that you have 5 new matches, only to click and find out that 4 of them live in Connecticut! Over the past few weeks I have selected sdult Friend Finder him only a few days ago and he is right back in there fooling the next woman. I used to think that I would not want to go to a bar because all you might meet are womanizers. But on Jdate, these dishonest bad intentioned men can break up with you one day and go on Jdate to fool the next woman and no one can tell that they aren’t as sweet as their profile says or what they say. The women on sdult Friend Finder but funny, very funny. It wasn’t too perfect, he didn’t meet all of my criteria, but I matched his, which was savvy on the sites part…another way to boost my ego. I’m guessing most of the first day emails were fake. They noticed I went back to one email more than the others, they noticed I winked at him since I couldn’t email, and they noticed that I mentioned in my profile that I was sdult Friend Finder

pay sites are low. Can you imagine what you would find on one of those? Reviewed By Smart, Sexy &Single Indianapolis, IN Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 31, 2008 permalink Visit My experience on Match was a mixed bag of tricks, lol! I’ve met a lot of nice men, as well as a few jerks. My biggest piece of advice is take your time. Don’t be in a hurry and really DATE. Don’t hop as well. at least i sent many emails out so i can complain. Most women who complain about there being no attractive men that aren’t losers don’t even have a right to say that because most women are too lazy online to even look at guys profiles that don’t email them first, and even if they see someone they might like they still won’t email or wink them first. Even on eharmony when i would but it also MAY be that the members got tired of the site’s BS. That’s more likely. Interestingly, while JDate is advertised as “The Leading Jewish Singles Network!” I ran into many non-Jewish women there. Nothing wrong with that, but for people looking for Jewish singles this may be annoying. Overall, I would not recommend the site to anyone, except people who are rich and desperate. On Dating is hard regardless of the medium and it always will be, so get over it. Survival of the fittest, baby. Some of you men want it easy; you want to write your lame “Hey-my-name’s-Larry-I-like-your-profile-write-back” emails and you wonder why women’s foreheads are crashing into keyboards at an alarmingly high rate these days. As for myself, I think I’m a decent looking guy, but I’m no


like Napster did when they got in trouble. Another bit of advice: Read every profile with “blurred glasses”. In other words, don’t believe everything you see in someone’s profile. Doing things like noticing if they claim to be very religious but one of their turn-ons is erotica. And you shouldn’t believe that most of the women out there are into camping. I know a CRNP who told me she has sdultFriendFinder 6-8 guys that I wanted to get to know, but not one of these has progressed past the “relationship essentials” stage, which is the first stage of Chemistry’s guided communication process. Since these are men who’ve indicated an interest in me first, I find it odd that none of them bothered to continue communication. I’m beginning to think that either a) Chemistry just SAYS these guys are sdultFriendFinder Jdate should find a forum and share their stories so that these guys dont get away with what they are doing. I wish someone had warned me about him. Reviewed By Robert Los Angeles Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 17, 2008 permalink Visit JDate This is a horrible site with horrible people managing it. If you become a member and you send someone an email, that person can’t even open your sdultFriendFinder not a subscriber (although I tried to paraphrase)…then they sent an email from him, saying he was not a subscriber, and here was his personal email, which had the word match in the email address. I sent an email explaining my suspicion, and sure enough…it bounced back to me saying I had to subscribe to email him. Who would have fallen for this, at this point?… he said he wasn’t a subscriber sdultFriendFinder

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a profile on there. I checked it out. She put on there that she likes camping, her REAL idea of roughing it is having to drink domestic wine. Be totally honest about what you’re looking for, and be totally honest about yourself in your profile. Also, don’t believe that just because you’re being totally honest, everyone else is too. If, on the first date, you notice big discrepancies, 1. www Adult Frend Finder interested, when they’re really not, or b) Chemistry is sending me guys who aren’t paying members and therefore cannot respond to messages. Either way it’s getting me nowhere. I will see out the last few days of my time on Chemistry, but after that it’s back Match isn’t perfect, either, but it beats Chemistry any day of the week. Reviewed By Mary Lake Worth Sex Female Rating ***** www Adult Frend Finder email if he/she is not a paid member too! Whats more? They intentionally don’t have any feature which tells you which profiles are paid members and which are not! So you might sign up because you see all these attractive people, but then when you email them, you find out that they can’t email or respond back! One thing they do to try and distract from this negative is allow non-paid members www Adult Frend Finder and it was his personal email??? Am I to believe the the people intercepted his email? And who is this man or woman behind the fake profile. And who was the guy in the picture who looks all sweet and down to earth. He’s probably laughing ans smiling in the pics because he is on the way to the bank with his check from I hope they get paid well, they should be ashamed www Adult Frend Finder

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open as forthcoming and compassionate as they say they are. I got so fed up at having to write (not just wink) personalized hellos and making specific references to their profiles and them not even having the courtesy to write or wink back. Sure there were plenty of fake women winking at me; it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It’s like their profiles were randomly generated Audlt Friend Finder know who sits behind a screen on the other end! 🙂 The above example illustrates just that: Chemistry is really a mixed bag. I like the free weekends idea because it allows people who are genuinely interested in the service to check it out first before spending their hard-earned $. On the other hand, it can get unpleasant, nonsensical, even creepy. This is my personal experience… Therefore Audlt Friend Finder more selective, and more independent, and thus good jewish guys who may not be edgy bad boys, or who may be shy, or under 5’10”, are now basically being priced out of the market. If you don’t wow a woman during the first phone conversation, she won’t meet you. Marketing onesself, height, attitude and occupation have become more important than ever. Yes, it takes two to tango. It’s time for Audlt Friend Finder ***** Date July 24, 2005 permalink Visit Advice to men on from a women whos dated only 2 men in her life who are both from, 1)Don’t assume im a h*e or a femna*i, because not all women are like that! I swear im one of the few decent girls you’ll ever find. If you want to know more about me then go ahead and email me. 2)Don’t assume that i am after money. I am Audlt Friend Finder

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Bring them up in the conversation. 2. Let them know that you don’t appreciate it then let them know it’s not working out and politely excuse yourself from the situation. To everyone that’s genuinely looking: good luck. Dating sites can work, but don’t let them work you over. Reviewed By Chris Santa Clarita Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 03, 2008 permalink Visit I met alot www Adult Friend Finder Date March 25, 2010 permalink Visit I have to agree with one of the review I read here. I was getting nagged via email with so & so is interested. Obviously my email address from Match was used to solicit new chemistry clients. Dummy me went for it! Now even if you say ok I am interested all you are doing is giving them ammunition to use on some other poor sole! Match and Chemistry www Adult Friend Finder to reply via Instant Messages if they receive one first from a paying member. So lets say you’re a guy who signs up. You find out that nobody is responding to your emails. So you stay online forever staring at the screen waiting for the few girls you’re interested in to actually show up online and hoping you don’t go to the bathroom and miss them when they show up. After 2 or 3 days of staring www Adult Friend Finder of themselves. The 2 stars are for the elaborate creation of a fake profile just to get me to subscribe. Reviewed By colleen california Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 20, 2005 permalink Visit I have been very disappointed in the experience. I was specific and honest on my profile. The first date was a 48 yr old man 60lbs overweight who thought that a 40yr old woman www Adult Friend Finder

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by a software program to make it appear that you were an ideal candidate for someone out there. That way they keep you in the service. But the problem was what little information was provided in the profile was either so vague or farfetched or had information that didn’t match any of my criteria, it sent up a lot of red flags. Also in the “nice try” categories were all these women who were Audult Friend Finder two stars for the concept and the interesting, fun morning I spent talking to some really cool people, probably thumbs down for their matching criteria which they probably don’t follow much anyway, and had I paid for the service I would be really upset. And of course two thumbs down for El Bizarro!! lol Reviewed By B New York, NY Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 06, 2010 permalink Visit Audult Friend Finder jewish women to take a hard look within, and admit that if they are adults, they must take resonsibility for those poor choices in men. There are plenty of decent, serious jewish guys who really would like to marry a jewish woman. However, many, not all, but many superficially attractive jewish women simply prefer taller, more extroverted, wealthier, more charming or confident men. These Audult Friend Finder not after money. I am honest, but i have limits such as the guy must meet my standards, so i will not be harmed. 3)Read the profile before you wink or decide you don’t want me. My standards are not too high, but i do have standards such as my being uninterested in men over 27 and men under 21. Also, i like men who are in good health, not a bearded old-fart pretending to be a 20 something, Audult Friend Finder

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of women with my three month subscription. I generally had a date or two every weekend. I give match three stars for that. The site was easy to use, and I had none of the trouble cancelling my membership that others had. However, the concept of internet dating is seriously flawed in so many ways. First of all, no matter how much you like their profiles, or how much you talk on the phone, www AdultFriend Finder are both the same pick out a word in your “about me section” and call you a match. I wish there was a truly legitimate site out there but so far I have not run across one. Save your cash go on a cruise to nowhere and you might meet someone interesting …who knows maybe even click and see each other more! I am so done being duped by these sites! Reviewed By Sunny Alexandria, VA Sex Female www AdultFriend Finder at the screen you realize you just wasted your time. I called them and asked them about this, and there answer was pretty much “yea, that’s the way it works”. Congratulations, welcome to jdate. Reviewed By Eddie California Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 28, 2008 permalink Visit JDate I won’t criticize the members. Sure, some people may be idiots or shallow or after money or whatever, www AdultFriend Finder should be a 20yr old hardbody to adorn the back of his speed boat. The second date was a 44 yr old man who was surprisingly shorter than I thought..the looking for “A” special lady, with commitment to family, home and marriage turned out to be a guy who is a player and is screwing half the county and on the first date suggested a hotel room or the back of his truck. The third date was with www AdultFriend Finder


just fronts to get you sign up for some adult related site in Russia or one of those countries that now seem to be the biggest source for this sort of thing. I am not that particular about a woman’s background, whether if it’s her ethnicity or how highly educated she is, or how much she makes. As long as she has a nice personality, is funny, and can see the inner beauty of others, great. AudultFriendFinder I’ve been using (Chemistry’s sister site) on and off for a few years now, with moderate success. I’ve had a couple of short-term relationships with Match guys, and one longer relationship with someone I now consider one of my closest friends. So needless to say, I’m not afraid of online dating, and since Match has been touting their new Chemistry service pretty heavily AudultFriendFinder men give these women butterflies, more excitement, more thrills. Yet, many of these men are deceptively charming, or not always honest, or not always who they claim to be. What a shock. As for shy men who won’t commit, women absolutely have the right to ask where any relationship is going after a few months. If they don’t ask, well, caveat emptor. No one can take advantage of you without AudultFriendFinder not some loser who can’t make up his mind or fears fatherhood or commitment, not some loser who has a lot of ex gfs, or is still in love with his exgf, or some fatty who claims to be “about average”. You get the idea? 4)DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GO QUIET FOR A WEEK BEFORE DECIDING TO DUMP ME. WE WOMEN ARE SICK OF THAT CRAP. 5)If you need time alone to think, give us ladies a time frame (amount AudultFriendFinder